JJPTR, Live Coin & Other Money Game Will Run Away With Your Money But Property Won't!

Discover 2 Safest Investment Strategies That Can Allow You To Start Low & Get Consistent Stable Income!

With These Strategies, You Can Invest In High Return Properties Even With Very Low Capital & Never Need To Worry About Loan Rejection Anymore! 

- Qliq Damansara Hotel | 27 MAY 2017, SATURDAY | 9.00AM - 6.30PM -

Want to invest in property investment but don't know where and how to start? Money is also one of your main reason which is in the way for you to start your investment journey? Afraid to invest in property because you'll need a huge capital to start? Worry that there will be alot of hassle to go through when investing in property, for example, loan application? Worst thing is losing your hard earned money?

GREAT NEWS! Property Investment Is No Longer a Richmen's Game! 

Now, You Can Start property Investment With NO MONEY DOWN At All! 


Of course, there is tons of way to make money out there...


All investment can definitely give you passive income at the end of the day but investing in property can give you and guarantee you more than other investments! 

What You Will Get From Property Investment ?

1. Leverage Your Wealth With The Bank

By investing in properties, it has been proven to give you leverage from the bank. This is the only investment that you can use RM10,000 to invest RM100,000 woth of investment! 

You will be able to generate positive cash flow consistently with less money!


2. Leave Your Legacy To Next Generation

Investing in a property can be brought down to your next generation and it will still generate passive income from there!

Infact, the price of any property that you've invested in will always be increasing!

3. Property Value Will Never Depreciate

Property is the only tangible asset that preserve its value, which means property price will only increase with time, especially with inflation.

The 2 SAFEST Investment Strategy To Start Even With Low Capital

NO MONEY DOWN + LEASE OPTION or also known as 'Rent-To-Buy' Strategy! 

Trust me, investing in property in 2017 is no longer just a richmen's game. You can start investing with a really small capital/little to no money down! Property investment will definitely generate passive income for you and it's no money game where you have a risk that you might lose all your money that you've invested. 

So what is No Money Down Strategy? 

I believe the name of it sort of says it all already but in short, No Money Down is one of the strategy where you get a property without using any of your own money for a cash down payment or a strategy where you use little to no money down at all in getting a property!

Then, what is Lease Option/Rent-To-Buy Strategy? 

Lease option is an agreement where the renter has a choice to buy the property during or at the end of the rental period. Lease option also gives a renter/potential buyer more flexibility plus it allows the renter to buy the property like no money down where you use little to no money down!

These 2 Strategies Are The Game Changer That Will Transform You Investment Forever. 



In this 1 day seminar, you will learn these 2 strategies in more depth & help you to get started in property investment with low capital.

We Have Very Limited Seats Left!


What You Will Learn Here

1) '2 Creative Strategies' To Start Investing In The Property Market In 2017

2) Investment Strategies That Has Been Proven To Work In 2017 & The Secrets To Buying Property With Little To No Money Down

3) How You Can 'Rent-To-Buy' A Property With Small Capital 

4)  Find Out How Property Investment Can Help Generate More Wealth For You

5) Find Out How Much You Are Worth & How You Can Leverage & Multiply Your Wealth From There

Who Should Come For This Event

1) Beginners Who Wants To Get Started In Property Investment

2) Those Who Wants To Multiply Their Wealth With Property Investment 

3) Those Who Want To Buy Properties With Little To No Money Down

4) Those Who Have Dreams of Living A Better Life

5) Those Who Wants To Achieve The Life They Want By Taking Action Today!


We Have Very Limited Seats Left!


Meet Your Speakers

Michael Tan

Property and Investment Expert

Founder of FREEMEN, ASIA’S #1 PROPERTY GURU, Renowned Property Expert

Michael has been sharing with people on how to achieve financial freedom and pursue their passions through properties. His well known seminar “No-Money-Down” Program has helped thousands of people to get their properties with no money down.

His presence is strong throughout Malaysia especially in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. And his international success has also spread to Thailand and Hong Kong. His average track record is 87% success rate.

Branden Ng

Lease Option Expert

Sales & Marketing Director, Wonderlist Property

Branden has been very passionate about the business world since he was young. He started running small side income businesses during his undergraduate tenure as he realised the need of a proper financial planning from a tender age.

Within just a few weeks upon the launch of Wonderlist Lease Option, he has successfully sold and brokered deals worth up to RM12 million. Branden has also successfully trained an upwards of 10 Lease Option Specialists who come from different industries, to be an expert in procuring Lease Option deals. With an aim to spread this education to the entire market, Branden and his team constantly seeks for new market entries and the best property deals to ensure the most optimum investment and service is delivered.  

What Others Say About Us

Michaal has changed my life that not only I get to live the life I want, but also allow me to inspire people to be financially free. I had bought 9 properties in 12 months! Now, I get to travel to where I like whenever I want.

If you want to be financially free and start to live different life, come to this Unleashing Your Wealth! 


Sammi Koh, Accountant 

I met Michael 2 years back and he had showed me the possibilities of achieving financial success through property investment. I quit my job and run my own property business.

Up to now, I had bought more than 12 properties that worth RM 10 million and I am really passionate in doing that. If you want to achieve financial success through property investment, Michael is the best person to learn from.

Hace Wong, Business Owner

Michael has changed my life! After since I learned No Money Down Strategy, I had invested more than properties that worth more than RM3.5 million. 

Now, I am not only able to quit my job as a teacher, I also get to share my knowledge to help everyone to achieve financial freedom through properties. If you want to be successful, come and experience this!

Mun Cheong, Property Investor & Trainer

Unleashing Your Wealth has opened up my mind about how to create wealth in property investment. After that, I had invested more than 23 properties within 19 months and still counting.

If you want to learn how to get started in property investment, you must come for this!


Jenson, Founder of Dream Nation

No Money Down Strategy has helped me got started in my property investment journey and help me to buy 23 properties within 18 months that most importantly generate positive cashflow. 

I strongly recommend everyone to learn the proper knowledge from this seminar to help you get started safe and wish you all the best. 

 Salauddhin, Property Investor & Business Owner

I am Elvin and I started to invest as a student. I had bought 8 properties that worth RM 4 million together with my team in 12 months time.

I highly recommend you to come for this seminar because it has helped me to achieve the results beyond just properties. Start young and retire rich! 

Elvin Koh, Real Estate Agent & Property Investor

Look, you’ve come this far and I know you are serious about wanting a change in your life.

Most of the time, people will not take the time to read what I have to say until the end but you've made it! So, what is stopping you from taking your next action to register for this workshop and to start achieving more in your life?

We Have Very Limited Seats Left!



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Contact: +6019-2799 636
Email: general@freemen.com.my


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and may not apply to the average attendee/student and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, financial status, effort, dedication, desire, and motivation.

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